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Eric Wilson leaves WREX

January 31, 2014 Rockford No Comments

Eric Wilson leaves WREX

Eric Wilson (WREX Photo)

Eric Wilson (WREX Photo)

Online Staff Report

Longtime  WREX TV news anchor Eric Wilson is no longer employed by a station, Channel 13 coronet reliable Thursday, Jan. 30.

General Manager John Chadwick wouldn’t criticism on since Wilson is no longer with a hire after 19 years, saying a depart is a private crew matter.

“This is an critical step to best offer a people of Rockford,” Chadwick said.

Matt Groves will fill in for Wilson while WREX searches for a permanent replacement.

Eric Wilson started with WREX in 1995. His depart was effective Wednesday, Jan. 29.

The Rock River Times will have some-more on this story as it develops.

Posted Jan. 30, 2014


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  1. I’m really contemptible to review this. Eric has been a acquire “guest” in a home during a dusk news. Best wishes to him in his destiny endeavors. we will skip him.

  2. So does this meant wrex hasn’t been portion a people of Rockford for a past 19 years? Interesting that dual of a longest heading news personalities, Eric Wilson and Eric Sorenson, are both withdrawal after a new News Director was hired.. along with his fiancée as lead news anchor.

  3. (Re: “This is an critical step to best offer a people of Rockford,” Chadwick said.) HOW ABSURD!!! I’m astounded by this announcement! CAUTION: Heads are rolling in Rockford, Illinois! And to Mr. Chadwick, we say: we desire to remonstrate with you. IMHO we were and have always been “best served” by both ERIC WILSON ERIC SORENSON !!!!!

  4. I consider it is usually prosaic stupid. The 5pm news seemed really flat. we could see that katie was not really happy. we consider once eric sorenson leaves, we will be switching to another station.

  5. Say it isn’t so! If this is loyal (the News Director/Fiancee rumor)…I am so unhappy in a usually news hire we have watched all of these years. Nepotism is always eventually exposed! Whatever a differences in management/journalists’ personalities, Eric and Eric are a best thing to occur to Rockford’s WREX TV.

  6. When a male from Paducah unexpected arrives in city and is allocated News Director–and a month after a lady arrives also from Paducah, it is healthy for people to notice. It is even some-more healthy for people to criticism when they occur to observe that a ability set for promote broadcasting of a new womanlike contributor is not of a same description of a rest of a station. Personal bathing is disorderly and smoothness of element is unnatural. When this same womanlike who would differently expected be transposed gets a remarkable incomparable assignment that does not accommodate her ability set, people will speak even more. Favors are being played during a responsibility of a hire and also during a responsibility of a viewers.

    Then a 19 year maestro anchor is unexpected dismissed. A deputy covers his mark along with his unchanging c0- anchor during 5pm. But it gets worse since during 6pm a unchanging co anchor is unexpected transposed by—wait for it–wait for it…. You got it–the reduction than learned womanlike from Paducah.

    Sorry that WREX seems to be simply shabby by girl and friends whose ethics and broadcasting skills are reduction than professional. Not usually does it harm a station, though it hurts a village of Rockford.

  7. Eric Wilson is a shill. Typical path dog anchorman who suspicion he was bigger than he was. There’s no room for his cloyed style. In fact we consider Rockford, during slightest those of us who wish to hear and review genuine news, are ill of guys like Eric Wilson, Steve Stadelman and whole era of boneless reporters entrance out of watered-down, “Good Housekeeping” versions of what used to be really good broadcasting programs. we contend good riddance.

  8. Spineless news stating and watered down stories are a approach outcome of a decisions done by a NEWS DIRECTOR not an anchor. This is not a “generation” thing-unless your welfare is to distinguish since of age rather than certification and skills.

  9. Ask Sue Mroz (Spelling)

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